Personalizing Your Kitchen

Personalizing your kitchen space today has become much more popular than in the past. Adding that personal touch can make a simple cooking space become one that shines with personality! Wood charcuterie  or trays are a great way to display your favourite saying, name or title. They tell a story and can make for great conversation starters. Other ways to add personalizing to your cooking space is on linens, dishcloths, tablecloths, dishes or serving platters. What a great gift to give to someone who loves to spend time cooking for their family!
This beautiful wood board, was hand crafted by KustomTrends. Their vision and craftsmanship do not go unnoticed:)
 I personally love adding that rustic element to my home space throughout. I especially welcome it in my kitchen, as it really warms up the space and makes it a much cozier place for my family to eat and share their daily happenings.

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