Tips on Meal Prepping and Saving Money on Food!

I thought i would share a few tips on meal prepping and how to save left over foods. 
When you meal plan correctly, you will see how your grocery bill will shrink!!! What i find works is finding out what the weekly specials are at my local grocery store and then plan my week according to their specials!! And...that way every week i have a different menu! Variety  makes for creative dinner ideas that no one gets bored of!! Always buy in bulk if you can, to maximize on savings. As well, use coupons and price match! But try to go on days that are less busy otherwise you may end up causing quite a ruckus at the cashier line up!!
Equally important as saving money at the grocery store, is saving money after you cook the meal. When that extra food is not eaten, it must be saved!! Let’s face it, we all tend to over cook...especially if you are like me and are ITALIAN! We love to cook for an army of people. Leftovers are fantastic, as they can be reused for another day when time is an issue.  As well, knowing how to save your meals properly is important, as it will save you lots of time and money. Knowing how to save even just parts rof your dinner ingredients can be extremely beneficial.  Precut vegetables, raw or cooked can go a long way if reused for another time. Other foods that i love to save are soup broths and sauces as i can use them for a quick pasta night or i can add fresh veggies and voila..i have a hearty fresh soup for dinner.  Meat as well can be breaded or prepared to your liking and placed in the freezer in a glass container. Or it can be conserved in plastic ziplock bags that are labelled. I prefer to use glass as it allows the food to settle easier
and it locks in moisture better than plastic containers do and once the food thaws, its easy to reheat in glass which is healthier as well!! I have been doing this for years and i feel that food can stay fresher for 3 months or even longer! Lastly, always put a date on it so you know exactly when it was placed in the freezer.
Well there you go! A few easy tips to help you make wiser choices and to save you a few dollars along the way👍

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