The Truth about Garlic! Which one I Only Purchase!

When shopping at your local grocery store be weary of which kind of garlic you choose.  Our eyes will naturally gravitate towards choosing the whitest, most perfect looking bulbs when infact, these are not the safest at all. About 80 percent of our imported garlic comes from China which doesn’t have  the same food regulations as North America does. Unfortunately, what most of us dont know, is that white garlic imported  from China specifically, is bleached and full of chemicals!! Why on earth would you want to be cooking with something that is full of chemicals? It is mind boggling to me that this occurs and nothing is done to stop it. So what can you do when shopping for garlic? Make sure you try to purchase locally grown garlic. Not only is it healthier, you are helping local farmers as well! Remember to read your labels and pay attention to what colour the garlic is. Look for garlic that has a purple colour to it and check to see where it is coming from. As well, if possible, try to find organically grown garlic. Not only is the difference obvious to the eye but it is also obvious to your pallet. There is an obvious difference in the way it will taste. Trust me! So hopefully the next time you buy garlic, you will choose the right one!

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