A few questions...answered!

It is known that 70 percent of our health successes start in our very own kitchens. What we place into our mouths accounts for whether we succeed or fail in losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. For me growing up with exercise and good home cooking established a strong passion for living healthy. Cooking on a regular basis for me today comes very naturally but it took time. I grew up in an Italian-Canadian household where my mother primarily cooked and my father occasionally helped to cook for my family. This, i believe made me see the value in home cooking and of course, the importance of family eating time. As i grew up, I  began experimenting with cooking and thus, my health journey began. A lot of people have asked me, how i have the time to cook? How do i manage to fit it all into my busy schedule? Do i meal prep? I am a believer in meal prepping but to a certain extent. I don’t do the same meal for 4 days and repeat. That just makes for boring meals. With boring meals, comes lack of motivation and with lack of motivation and ideas, i feel we tend to give up on our nutrition. We tend to gravitate towards grabbing the quickest, meals that dont contain many nutrients.  As a result, I feel that by making  dishes that don't cause us to slave away in the kitchen, we can remain on track. That is why my recipes take between 20-45 mins! That is all the time i have to spare. As well, like most women I believe in multitasking! While my meal is cooking, i am getting something else done! Busy moms know exactly what i am talking about. Also, i love to save and  preserve sauces, meats and veggies in the freezer, to cut my cooking time as well as food costs.  I also, get asked all the time if i pre-plan my meals before i grocery shop. The answer is no i don't. What i do is look for variety and sale items and decide my 5-7 day meal plan as i am shopping. I like to be creative and not repeat the same meal twice. I do however, make enough food for lunches for the next day. This ensures we are all eating healthy meals for lunch instead of running to the nearest fast food restaurant.
Many of my friends ask me “ do you ever eat out and where do you like to go?”  The answer is “of course and often!” For the most part, i do enjoy cooking most nights, but when i need a break and we want to indulge, my family enjoys a few great “hot spots”. A few favourite places that we love dining at are The Keg, The Mess Hall Poutinerie in Georgetown, The Mandarin, GoodFellas in Mississauga and Burrito Boys! These restaurants all offer an excellent menu and they all have great service👍 So therefore, balance is necessary but consistency in making healthy choices is what i believe is the secret to success in maintaining a healthy weight and staying happy.

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