The First Step To Getting Healthier This Year

It is that time of the year again where new year resolutions are made. If you are like most of us, getting into better shape or eating healthier may be first on our list! Making our bodies healthier doesnt have to be difficult or challenging at all and with the proper knowledge and guidance, we can become more motivated in achieving these goals. But how do we begin? Firstly, start slow and build our way up. Small steps can eventually lead us to our ultimate goals. To begin, write down what your goals are and then decide what tools you will use to achieve them.  Will you begin a new workout routine? How and where will you do this? Will you start to eat better by adding more vegetables and healthier foods into your diets? These are definitely great ways to begin! Whatever it is, only you can achieve the success you strive for by sticking with it longterm!
One extremely easy way to begin this healthier life journey today is by adding more water into your diets. With water comprising most of our total body mass, it shouldn’t come to a suprise then that we need to drink to keep our bodies vibrant and functional. Water hydrates our organs, nurtures our skin and keeps us alive! It is the only drink that is pure and calorie-free! Many of us however, find it difficult to drink because it is tasteless. Not to worry, because If you find it difficult to drink plain water, try adding a few slices of fresh lemons to it. The health benefits of drinking lemon 🍋 water daily, are massive! Lemon water can help with stomach upset, it can help increase our metabolism and help our bodies burn fat! Who wouldnt want that? Lemon water is also a great source of vitamin C, it uplifts our moods and it is wonderful for our skin! Lemon water also helps flush out unwanted toxins in our bodies and it does wonders for our bladders and urinary tracts.  As well, it contains pectin which helps us feel full for longer so sipping on lemon water throughout the day will aid in weight loss!
So, If there is one thing you MUST  start doing this year,  it is to drink more water!! Add a few fresh lemons to your water to get the added health benefits! It is a great start to your new health regime!  Your bodies will thank you and you will notice that your waist line will be happier as well!

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