Tips on Healthier Pizza Making

If you love pizza as much as my family does, then you probably eat it often. Making it yourself is always the best option as it will be fresher and healther than ordering. It is a fabulous way to get kids involved in the cooking process as well! If you have 30 minutes then you can make it and be proud you did it as well! Nothing is more satisfying than serving something you made on your own! With so many healthier options available today, making your own pizza is super achievable in a short period of time. If you dont have the time to make your own dough, then store bought dough will do. Always opt for whole wheat or gluten-free dough as it will help with digestion. Secondly, choose wisely when deciding which toppings you want to use as well. Try organic sauces and fresh locally grown garlic and veggies that offer the highest sources of vitamins and nutrients. Great choices are spinach, kale, zucchini and portobello mushrooms. I especially love to cook with portobellos as they offer 3 grams of protein per mushroom which is great when making vegetarian foods! As well, try choosing finer cheeses to top your pizza like goat or feta cheese instead of the more processed cheeses like cheddar or mozarella. Not only are they healthier options, they will also make your pizza taste much more authentic! So next time you decide to have pizza, really consider making it yourself and really try to use more wholesome ingredients. Not only will you feel better after you eat it, but your guests will be thankful as well!

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