Veal and Ricotta Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Meatballs are a classic food that everyone seems to love. Whether you are a young child or an older adult, meatballs are a food favorite! There are many variations of meatball recipes but these ricotta and veal meatballs will definitely impress and become a staple in your home.
I paired these moist meatballs with a high protein pasta but with or without pasta or sauce, they will taste just as good! I love to make extra so i can reuse them for meatball sandwiches melted with cheese on a night that anything goes! I like to add parmegiano cheese to my meatballs for taste, but by adding a smooth ricotta cheese, it will also make them much more tender and moist!

 For this recipe you will need:


1 cup of smooth regular or low-fat ricotta cheese
2-3lbs of ground veal

2 cloves of chopped garlic
1/2 cup of parmegiano cheese
2 cups of Italian seasoned bread crumbs
4 large eggs
Dash of salt and pepper
1/3 cup of fresh chopped parsley 

2 large cans of Italian San Marzano whole plum tomatoes 
2 cloves of garlic
2 fresh pieces of basil
2 tbsps of extra virgin olive oil
Dash of salt and pepper
Dash of sugar
1 tsp of tomato paste

1. In a bowl combine egg, veal, bread crumbs, ricotta, parmegiano cheese and parsley.
2. Mix well and coat hands with a bit of oil first and using a large spoon, make round balls of meat. Set meatballs aside.
3.Using a blender blend all tomato sauce ingredients together and pour into a pot. Boil on low for 30-40 mins.
4. Add meatballs gradually to the sauce and cook together for 30-40 mins on low heat.

Serves 6 

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